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A kitchen renovation is a great way to enhance your home in both form and function. However, what makes a great kitchen is more a matter of avoiding costly mistakes than getting things right. For instance, most kitchen remodel regrets are the result of inadequate planning before the actual renovation work begins.

Doing anything in an ad-hoc manner is the surest way to waste time and money. That is why creating a detailed plan usually tops any list of kitchen renovation tips. From creating designated storage spaces to getting the kitchen triangle right, proper planning is the first step towards getting your kitchen renovation done right. It goes without saying then that redesigning your kitchen is a task best left to a professional designer.

The same could also be said of your kitchen’s plumbing. Many of the problems faced in the kitchen after remodelling have their origins in modified plumbing or electrical wiring. Moving and re-routing pipes are an expensive proposition and should be avoided as far as possible. The smarter way is to leave untouched the appliances and aspects of your kitchen that need plumbing access. That includes the sink, dishwasher, washing machine etc. Just ask the designer to create a plan that doesn’t fiddle with your plumbing and you’re good to go.

Finally, sit down and work out a budget for your kitchen renovation. A budget helps to organise the entire project and protects you from unexpected expenses. You can enlist the help of your designer and contractor in deciding on a budget. While a new kitchen installation is a great way to add value to your home, it can also go spectacularly wrong. By steering clear of these five common mistakes, you can ensure the success of your kitchen renovation plan.

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Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes

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