How to Choose the Right Paint Finish or Sheen | Infographic

Choosing the right paint finish for a room is no easy task. If you are confused about this choice, fret not as most home- and property-owners face this dilemma when it is time to repaint or renovate. Among the many factors that influence the choice of finish are the amount of light in the room, the shape of the room and the overall décor of the space. That said, the infographic below deals with choosing paint finish and is something you can refer to when repainting your property.

The types of paint finishes are broadly classified into five categories. These are flat paint finish, satin paint finish, eggshell paint finish, gloss paint finish and semi-gloss paint finish. Each of these paint finishes has its own advantages and shortcomings. Choosing an appropriate one, as such, depends upon your room’s dimensions, décor, and workmanship; and your preferences too.

For instance, glossier finishes are easier to clean and maintain over the years. However, because of the amount of light they reflect, they also readily expose imperfections in a wall or any other surface. This is why shinier finishes are usually recommended for walls and articles that have a smooth and blemish-free surface. There is also a case to be made for areas like kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and oil and grease stains are an issue. For these rooms, a paint finish that is resistant to moisture and grease is preferable to other types of finishes.

The paint sheen chart below can help you choose the appropriate finish for different areas in your home. For more information on various paint finishes, you can get in touch with us. Local Solution is a leading provider of several property enhancement services in and around the Kent region. Among our most sought-after services include kitchen installation, loft conversion, house extensions, property refurbishments, bathroom installation and garden landscaping.


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